Integrating CAD and AI Deep Learning, LLMs, LBMs and CRISPR biotech to gain pragmatic-semantic insight into how genomes control natural and designed living, dynamic, developing multicellular systems-including embryos and cancer!

  • Deep understanding of living developing embryos and cancer via computer aided design (CAD) and artificial intelligence (AI) using LLMs and LBMs together with biotechnology (CRISPR) genome editing
  • Virtual Experiments 1,500 times faster than real lab experiments
  • 180,000 times faster than typical time of human cell division
  • All visual and dynamic multicellular growth
  • Genome network dynamics coordinated with cell dynamics
  • Full color with sound as cells communicate, divide, push and pull in 5-dimensional space time
  • Choice of sounds that cells emit when dividing or sending signals
  • Gives a new insight to how humans develop from a single cell
  • Cancer network genome view gives new deep understanding of how cancer works
    • Gives hope to new types of cancer treatments
    • Stop cancer cells by changing the network that controls them
  • Designed for the user to have fun!
  • Shows full visual dynamic cell signaling in 4D space time
  • Easy to use:
    • Press Zero ‘0’ to restart growth
    • Press Space Bar to start or stop the action
  • Contact: contact (at) cellnomica.com